Analyst, Palo Alto

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We are looking for an intern, based in the Palo Alto office, to support the Managing Director in executing high velocity, highly targeted M&A transactions.

Responsibilities will include researching key industry players’ strategies, identifying potential acquirers (Targets) and rationales, preparing Target Qualification documents and assisting with all aspects of research, positioning, pitching and due diligence.

Key Activities

You will work for the Managing Director in Palo Alto, as part of a global dynamic team. You will:

  • Conduct studies to facilitate transactions between our clients and potential buyers.
  • Gather data on the market segments of our clients, their competitors, comparable transactions and identify potential Targets as well as transaction rationales.
  • Develop expert knowledge of the product, technology, services and strategy of the leading technology companies in the mobile internet space.
  • Identify and connect with key business decision makers within potential Target organizations.
  • Contribute to the improvement of our business intelligence tools and CRM platform.


A student in the second or third year in college or university, you have a high sensitivity for the technologies that shape our lives today. You want to enrich your resume with top flight experience in the sector that is building our future.

We are very demanding and work quickly. You must be organized, disciplined and enjoy teamwork. Your determination and interpersonal skills will be crucial to your success.

Fluent English and competency in the written language is essential.

Please submit your candidature for this position to