Managing Director, Palo Alto, CA

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Reporting to: Chairman & CEO
Group Title: Investment Banking
Compensation: Base, performance bonus
Location: Palo Alto, CA (must be Bay Area resident, no relocation offered)
Travel required: 20%
Regional responsibility: Worldwide
Sector: Technology, Media and Telecoms
Education: Preferably IEEE or engineering undergrad plus MBA/JD
Licenses: Preferably FINRA Series 79, 63 and 24

We are looking for a financially driven, highly motivated sales leader capable of confidently engaging at the CXO-level, leading complex M&A transactions for early stage technology companies to TMT sector leaders worldwide. Naturally high-velocity, high-performance, honest, trustworthy, assertive, competitive, uncompromising, persistent, accountable, politically skilled, detailed, disciplined, organized, technical and extremely well networked in Silicon Valley.


  • Exit: Engage the buyers, our acquisition Targets, the global TMT leaders, managing a complex sales process including business and technology decision-makers as well as corporate development or M&A teams, culminating in a successful exit.
  • Origination: Engage the sellers, our early stage Client companies with sophisticated R&D talent, highly valuable technology, and strong proof-points, managing the sales process that culminates in mandate signature.

Key Activities

  • Identify and engage the Client prospects, effectively communicating the firm’s value proposition, winning over key stakeholders including management and investors, leading to signature of an exit divestiture mandate.
  • Identify and engage the Targets, winning over key stakeholders, navigating the politics, deploying the firm’s technical, financial and analyst resources, managing client executives to win the ‘Go’ decision.
  • Structure and lead exit transaction negotiations leading to a term sheet, successful due diligence, and signature of a definitive agreement and completion.
  • Function as a spokesperson, conference presenter, networker, lobbyist, helping to establish QuantumWave’s brand as iconic in the mobile industry segment.


  • You study your product intensively and you understand it deeply.
  • You study your customer intensively and you know what they need and why.
  • You are methodically preemptive vis-à-vis objections. You know that objections are natural and why people have them, and how to eliminate eight out of ten before they even occur. You recognize an objection even when your customer is not verbalizing one.
  • You are unafraid of complexity, you embrace it, never avoid it. You understand that a company is one of the most complex products to sell, especially in the technology sector. You understand how to structure sophisticated exit divestiture transactions with multinationals.
  • You are not a slick, fast-talking individual with all the answers trying to manipulate someone onto buying something, whether they want it or not. You are there to help other very bright people just like yourself find the solutions to their problems.
  • You are genuinely sincere, with outstanding people skills. You know that companies never buy companies, people buy into other people.
  • You are precise with what you think, what you do, when you do it, and why you are doing it. You understand abundance versus scarcity. You understand that the world is an abundant universe with unlimited resources. Money is not limited, sales are not limited and customers are not limited.
  • You are a high-integrity individual, deeply committed to principles of truthfulness and honor, and understand the incalculable importance of reputation.
  • You love selling, and you don’t mind managing and motivating and coaching others on the team who share your love of customers and of the sales process.
  • You are motivated by winning the hearts and minds of your customers, by delighting them, negotiating win-win deals that earn you and QuantumWave enduring respect and goodwill.
  • You are financially motivated, aspire to earning remarkable compensation based on amazing achievements.
  • You are happy operating in a high-velocity startup without all the infrastructure of the bulge-bracket. You thrill to the idea of getting in on and building a dream, and some day in the future looking back at QuantumWave as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity you seized and helped build into a tremendous success, leaving a legacy of respect and you are proud of.
  • You have a minimum of 10 years of executive-level experience in a leading TMT investment bank, a venture capital firm and/or a corporate development role at a leading technology company.

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