The Fifth Wave Released at Mobile World Congress

Book is First to Describe the Mobile Internet Revolution and how it will Radically Alter Life, Society, and Commerce.

BARCELONA – FEBRUARY 27, 2012 – The Fifth Wave: A Strategic Vision for Mobile Internet Innovation, Investment and Return was released today at Mobile World Congress 2012. Written by sector experts Robert Marcus and Collins Hemingway, The Fifth Wave insightfully explains the mobile internet revolution and how it will radically alter life, society, and commerce.

Robert Marcus leads a keynote and panel during the opening session of the conference’s Mobile Cloud Track. Other experts in the session include Olaf Swantee, CEO of the Deutsche Telekom / France Télécom joint venture, Everything Everywhere; Holger Luedorf, VP, Head of Business Development, Foursquare; and Google’s Francisco Varela, Global Head of Platforms and Game Partnerships. The topic is Mobile Cloud: Competitive Landscape at 2 p.m. CET on February 27 in Hall 5, Auditorium 3.

The mobile internet—the fifth wave of computing—is a tsunami. It represents the convergence of the internet with mobile networks and devices, creating a near-universal market of six billion users. Already generating $2.5 trillion in annual economic value, the mobile internet has barely begun to gather force. The Fifth Wave introduces:

  • The Connected Generation. Citizens of the ageless, nationless Global Village, whose embrace of mobile technologies is changing every social, commercial and political relationship, forever.
  • The Democratization of Innovation. The decentralization of power away from closed systems and organizations, including Silicon Valley itself, distributing innovation to new technology hubs around the globe.
  • The Four Cs. Communication, content, community, and commerce—the activities and commercial applications of the more than six billion mobile internet users—restructuring every market and remaking every business.
  • The Mobile Internet Genome. A lingua franca, a technology classification system, and the analytical tool that innovators and investors need to understand, value and manage this new class of strategic asset.
  • Mobile Presence. A quality, not a technology; the principal monetization mechanism for the mobile internet, a form of ‘always-on’ autonomous search, intelligently managing the flow of our communications, content, and commercial transactions.
  • Pricing and Availability
    The Fifth Wave is available immediately in a digital edition on the Kindle Store for $9.99 and will be available in a print edition before the end of the year. To buy The Fifth Wave please go to

    About the Authors
    Robert Marcus is the Chairman and CEO of QuantumWave Capital, an investment banking boutique specialized in early-stage mobile internet M&A. The architect of Microsoft’s early mobile internet strategy and solutions, he built a public company to a half-billion dollar valuation, co-founded three successful start-ups, and led a turnaround, generating two IPOs. Collins Hemingway is a tech sector expert best known for co-authoring Business @ the Speed of Thought with Microsoft CEO Bill Gates. He has written three other books on topics ranging from corporate leadership to retail strategy to cognitive psychology.

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