Decoding Mobile Internet Asset Value

Each new wave of computing creates disruption, and opportunity. As each wave gets bigger, the value potential soars. For the leaders of The Fifth Wave of computing—the mobile internet—the return on innovation promises to be wealth creation far greater than any before.

We apply the QuantumWave Mobile Internet Genome, Heatmap and quantitative financial models to scientifically decode the asset value of mobile internet technology and provide our clients with strategic and transactional investment banking services designed to reduce risk and accelerate the cycle of innovation and return on The Fifth Wave.

QuantumWave operates as a strategic pivot between Silicon Valley, the global technology, media and telecommunications leaders, and emerging innovation hubs such as London, Berlin, Stockholm and Tel Aviv, where a new generation of highly educated and talented developers is inventing as aggressively and creating as ingeniously as their contemporaries in California.

The Mobile Internet Investment Heatmap is a qualitative assessment of the relative value of mobile internet technologies, based on our research team’s analysis of the technologies and market interests of the market leaders. Placement of technologies on the heatmap will vary according to the areas of greatest innovation and the technologies most needed at a particular time.