Venture Building

Bringing together the venture building elements essential to the development of great companies; strategic vision, exceptional talent, disruptive innovation, a compelling business model, and sophisticated functional and operational expertise, QuantumWave applies science, process and sophisticated technology, to identify, develop, and successfully exit early-stage companies.

In order to programmatically identify high-value emerging technologies prior to going mainstream, and deterministically manage investments to reach absolute return, QuantumWave developed ALPHA, a venture building system, built on a Cloud-based, Big Data analytics, semantic processing, and quant finance software platform. ALPHA delivers granular insights that predictively identify business-critical new technologies, and quantitatively simulates the synergy, or attach-rate i.e. the embedded value of that precise technology, unique to the commercial ecosystem of a specific acquirer.

At the heart of ALPHA is the QuantumWave Mobile Internet Genome, a lingua franca, a classification system, and an analytical tool used to understand, value, and grow early-stage technology businesses. The Genome enables every solution to be broken down into the same technological building blocks (genes), the analysis of which will generate a consistent description and understanding of any individual technology, including similarities and differences to other technology ecosystems. ALPHA decodes the DNA of the mobile internet as an investment asset class via a structured indexation and classification system that orders the space into individual solutions, characterizing each in terms of the exact contribution of its individual technology components.

ALPHA classifies, providing insightful, predictive information quantized via the Genome, to target investment via statistically quantified analysis. Detecting early stage signals from structured and unstructured innovation data and news on the Web, ALPHA delivers targeted, filtered, and statistically significant predictions of value.

ALPHA correlates, precisely contextualizing discrete technology components via a detailed analysis of corresponding market dimensions and dynamics, the monetization methods to which they naturally conform, and the state/stage of related investment activity in the space.

ALPHA values, modeling synergy in the complex commercial ecosystems of the mobile internet. Based on a quant finance engine that uses Monte Carlo and Black Swan algorithms to decipher massive volumes of complex, dynamic and chaotic data, and predict regressively back-tested outcomes, ALPHA projects the synergy or attach-rate value of a solution by modeling scenarios in which it is hypothetically embedded into a larger technological and commercial ecosystem.